BLACKOUT is a collectively composed and staged concert for five (electric) guitarists and VJ.

BLACKOUT is a collectively composed and staged concert for five (electric) guitarists and VJ about the influence of electricity on the creation, performance and reception of music. A wild and abstract collage of classical guitars, metal riffs, beats and soundscapes to artistically reflect on the power consumption of cultural events.

Does it make sense to heat a concert hall, supply spotlights and loudspeakers with electricity and drive artists across Europe for 60 minutes of music in times of resource scarcity? Where is the limit of ethically justifiable power consumption in the name of art? To approach these questions, TIP uses original compositions, self-made tools, audio-reactive lights and recordings of electrical noise.

The program follows a linear compositional concept – with each of the six scenes, the sound of the group gradually becomes more electronic, culminating in a musical  “blackout” and a grand rock music finale on four electric guitars and electric bass. In the process, the ensemble constantly plays with the listener’s expectations of the different instruments.

zusaetzliche_informationen THE INTERSTRING PROJECT (TIP) is a German experimental music ensemble with a unique sound language of acoustic and electric guitars, objects, preparations, effects and live electronics. TIP pursue new paths of a contemporary ensemble practice with collective compositions, unusual formats and cross-genre and interdisciplinary concerts. The ensemble’s creativity and eagerness to experiment is evident in its intensive collaboration with composers and artists from other disciplines. The group oscillates in a stylistic space from classical ensemble to progressive rock band, which can be seen in their extraordinary and energetic concerts.
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